How to Take Off Glitter Nail Polish

How to Take Off Glitter Nail Polish?

Glitter nail polish adds a touch of glamour to your manicure, but removing it can be a daunting task. The unique texture of glitter makes it more challenging to remove than regular nail lacquer, and improper removal can lead to damage. To tackle this issue, we’ve compiled expert advice and effective methods to help you easily remove glitter nail polish without harming your nails.

Method 1: Top Coat Technique

Top Coat Technique

Step 1: Start With Topcoat

Contrary to intuition, begin by applying a fresh layer of any non-glitter top coat. According to Sarah Gibson Tuttle, founder of Olive & June, this step helps in the removal process.

Step 2: While the Topcoat Is Still Wet, Use Nail Polish Remover

Without waiting for the top coat to dry, use nail polish remover (you can use a product like Olive & June’s Polish Remover Pot) on a soaked cotton ball. The tackiness of the top coat will aid in grabbing onto the glitter, making it easier to dissolve both layers.

Step 3: Gently Buff Away Any Remaining Glitter

Although this method is gentle, some glitter may still linger. Lightly buff the nails, ensuring not to use anything too coarse. Finish by swabbing a final coat of remover to ensure cleanliness.

Method 2: Buffing Technique

Buffing Technique

Step 1: Buff to Break the Polish Seal

Gently buff the first layer of polish to break the seal. Be cautious not to damage the nail plate during this step.

Step 2: Saturate Cotton Balls in Nail Polish Remover and Use Tinfoil

Soak cotton balls in nail polish remover and place them on each nail. Wrap your nails with small pieces of tinfoil to secure the cotton balls. Leave them on for three to five minutes.

Step 3: Remove the Foil and Cotton Balls

After the allotted time, remove the foil and cotton balls. The remover will effectively eliminate the glitter.

After Care for Glitter Manicures

After removing glitter polish, take care of your nails to maintain their strength and health.

  • Wash Hands: Use mild soap to wash away any residue from the polish remover.
  • Hydrate Nails: Apply hand cream to restore hydration to your hands.
  • Apply Strengthening Treatment (Optional): Consider using a strengthening treatment to repair your nails post-glitter manicure.
  • Use Cuticle Oil (Optional): Apply cuticle oil to nourish and moisturize your nails.

How to Make Your Next Glitter Nails Easier to Remove?

Prepare your nails for the next glitter application with these steps:

  • Buff Nails to Make Them Shiny: A shiny buff makes it harder for the polish to adhere, easing removal.
  • Avoid Acetone Dehydration: Instead of using acetone, wipe off oil residue with a paper towel before applying glitter polish.
  • Consider Using Elmer’s Glue for a Base Coat: Apply a mixture of liquid glue and water as a base coat to facilitate easier removal.
  • Apply Two Layers of Base Coat: Create a barrier between your nails and the glitter by using two layers of base coat.
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Why is glitter nail polish harder to remove than regular polish?

Glitter polish is made of non-porous materials like glass, mylar, or aluminum, making it difficult for acetone to penetrate. It adheres to the nail as it dries, complicating the removal process.

Can I use a peel-off base coat for easier removal?

Yes, peel-off base coats are an option for easier removal. However, they may reduce the longevity of your manicure as they are more prone to peeling off.

How often should I change my glitter manicure?

If you love glitter polish but want to minimize the hassle of removal, consider changing your manicure every few days. Peel-off base coats can be particularly useful for short-term use.


Glitter nail polish adds a festive touch to any manicure, but proper removal is key to maintaining healthy nails. By following the recommended methods and aftercare steps, you can enjoy glittery nails without the fear of damage. Remember to prep your nails before each application for an easier removal process. Now, go ahead and shine with your favorite glitter nail polish without worries!

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