How to Keep Mascara From Smudging

How to Keep Mascara From Smudging?

Achieving perfect lashes is every makeup enthusiast’s dream, but the battle against mascara smudging can be real. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into expert tips and tricks to ensure your mascara stays flawless throughout the day. From understanding the root causes of smudging to adopting a healthier lash routine, we’ve got you covered.

Why Does Mascara Smudge?

Why Does Mascara Smudge

The Role of Hydration:

The main culprit behind smudgy mascara is seriously hydrated eyelids. Despite the annoyance, oily lids are something to embrace, as they indicate healthier, more youthful skin. Dehydrated lids not only lead to a crepey appearance but can also cause mascara to slide off.

Formula Matters:

Mascara may smudge if its formula doesn’t effectively bond with your lashes. Ingredients play a crucial role, and if your mascara lacks the right components, you may end up with raccoon eyes before noon.

Waterproof Mascara Myth:

Contrary to popular belief, waterproof mascara isn’t foolproof. Chemical ingredients like polymers and silicones may resist water, but they can still smudge due to skin oils. Moreover, frequent use of waterproof mascara can damage and weaken your lashes.

How to Prevent Mascara From Smudging?

How to Prevent Mascara From Smudging

1. Cleanse Your Face (and Lashes):

Begin with a clean slate. Use a gentle cleansing product to remove all traces of makeup, including your lashes. Consider nourishing your lashes with organic coconut cream, such as RMS Beauty’s, to promote healthy lash growth.

2. Apply a Primer:

Use an eyeshadow primer to control oily lids. Opt for a beauty oil that absorbs rapidly, keeping the skin hydrated without making it overly oily.

3. Use a Tri-Locking Mascara:

Choose a mascara with tri-locking technology, like RMS Beauty’s Straight Up Volumizing Peptide Mascara. This natural formula bonds seamlessly with your lashes, providing long-lasting coverage without damaging chemicals.

4. Lightly Dust Under the Eyes — Never Bake:

Avoid the “baking” method and opt for a light dusting of talc and clay-free translucent powder under the eyes. RMS Beauty’s Un-Powder is an excellent choice to prevent a cake-like appearance.

5. (Occasionally) Wipe Your Undereyes:

Periodically blotting your under-eye area prevents excess oil buildup and removes any mascara smudges. Keep the area around your eyes clean and oil-free.

6. Apply Mascara Correctly:

Be mindful of how you apply mascara. Focus on the front of your upper lashes, and for bottom lashes, refrain from applying more than one coat to avoid smudging.

Should I Cover Mascara Smudges with Concealer?

Covering smudges with concealer isn’t recommended, as it can lead to a caked-on appearance and exacerbate the smudging issue.

Should I Put Clear Brow Gel on My Lashes?

Using clear brow gel on lashes is not advised, as it can expose them to polymers and silicones. Stick to a high-quality mascara and use makeup remover wipes, like RMS Beauty’s, for easy cleanup.

Smudge-Free Without Chemicals:

Swap your regular mascara for a lengthening mascara with tri-lock technology. RMS Beauty offers clean formulas that keep your lashes in place without harmful chemicals.

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Celebrity Makeup Artists’ Tips:

  • Oil is the enemy; cleanse your face before makeup application.
  • Eyelash primer adds curl and definition, preventing smudging.
  • Apply a coat of waterproof mascara to lock in your favorite formula.
  • Avoid touching your face to minimize makeup messes.
  • Pay attention to skincare; ensure eye creams are fully absorbed before makeup application.
  • Use translucent powder to keep the skin matte and free from oil, reducing smudging.


Achieving smudge-free lashes is a blend of understanding root causes, adopting a meticulous routine, and choosing the right products. By prioritizing hydration, using tri-locking mascara technology, and following expert tips, you can enjoy flawless lashes without the hassle of smudging. Embrace these insights for a beauty routine that keeps your lashes perfect from morning to night.

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