Mastering the Art of Press-On Nail Removal

Mastering the Art of Press-On Nail Removal

Press-on nails have revolutionized the world of nail art, offering an affordable and convenient alternative to salon treatments. While applying press-ons is a breeze, the prospect of removing them, especially when glued, can be a concern for many. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you through the step-by-step process of safely and easily removing press-on nails with glue. Whether you’re a seasoned press-on enthusiast or a newcomer, these expert tips will ensure a hassle-free experience.

The Ease of Press-On Nail Removal

The Ease of Press-On Nail Removal

Celebrity nail artist Julie Kandalec attests to the simplicity of press-on nail removal, emphasizing that their plastic nature makes them easy on and easy off. In her professional opinion, any potential damage to the natural nail usually occurs before the press-ons are applied, alleviating concerns about removal-related damage.

Preparation and Tools for Press-On Nail Removal

To embark on a successful press-on nail removal journey, gather the necessary tools: a small bowl (preferably not plastic), nail clippers, cuticle nippers, a nail file, a nail buffer, and either liquid soap or pure acetone. Notably, having a second pair of cuticle nippers specifically for press-on removal is advised due to the plastic’s impact on blade integrity.

For press-ons with 3D accents, experts recommend starting with a gentle filing process. This not only thins the press-ons but also facilitates the penetration of acetone or soap into crevices, expediting the removal process.

Soaking Off Press-On Nails

Create a soaking station by filling a bowl with warm water and adding liquid dish soap or acetone. Submerge your fingers for approximately 15 minutes, with the option to start gently pressing the tips up and down after 10 minutes. This gentle wiggling helps loosen the press-ons without causing damage.

The choice between liquid soap and acetone is highlighted, with soap being a preferred option for those planning to reuse the press-ons. On the other hand, pure acetone is recommended for those looking to melt the tips down completely.

Step-by-Step Removal Process

Step-by-Step Removal Process

Once adequately soaked, use an orangewood stick to gently lift off the press-ons. Never force them off, and if resistance is encountered, repeat the soaking process. Adding a drop of cuticle oil under the press-on can aid in creating slip for smoother removal.

Buffing Away Adhesive Residue

After successfully removing the press-ons, use a buffer to eliminate any remaining adhesive. Emphasis is placed on a gentle approach, especially when dealing with larger chunks of adhesive. The buffer should only be used on a small amount of residual adhesive to avoid potential damage.

Post-Removal Care

While press-on nails are less likely to cause damage compared to other falsies like gel extensions or acrylics, some dryness or irritation may occur post-removal. New York City-based dermatologist Joshua Zeichner recommends a good hand moisturizer to keep the outer skin layer in optimal condition.

Adding cuticle oil further enhances nail moisture, with recommended products including Weleda Skin Food Ultra-Rich Cream for hands and Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil or Deborah Lippman Cuticle Oil for nails.

Immediate Application of a New Set

Immediate Application of a New Set

One of the perks of press-ons is the ability to reapply a new set immediately. As long as the press-ons are not picked or peeled off, you can proceed to choose and apply a new set without delay.

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How long should you keep press-on nails on?

Press-on nails can be kept on for 10 days to 2 weeks. If removing them sooner, wait at least a day or two to prevent potential nail damage.

Do press-on nails damage your nails?

Press-on nails generally do not cause damage if removed gently. Quick and forceful removal may lead to nail damage.

Will press-on nails fall off in the shower?

Press-on nails typically do not fall off in the shower. However, avoid using hot water, as it can weaken the glue.

Can you reuse press-on nails?

Yes, press-on nails can be reused if removed carefully. Use nail glue or tabs for reapplication, but be mindful of potential glue buildup.


Mastering the art of press-on nail removal is as essential as the application process. By following these expert-recommended steps and utilizing the right tools, you can confidently enjoy the benefits of press-on without the fear of damaging your natural nails.

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